Can we ever truly be healed?

Can we ever truly be healed?
It’s an answer I’d like to know.
Can we ever truly be healed?
My feelings just seem to overflow.

Can we ever truly be healed?
I write the words I cannot say,
My emotion thrown on paper,
Living with a diagnosis, they call it psychosis,
It’s a battle every day.

Can we every truly be healed?
It’s the lucky ones who pull through.
Can we ever truly be healed?
I can’t stop repeating those all familiar words;
I’m sorry, it’s me, not you.

For me, writing enables me to freely express myself when I don’t know how to summarise my thoughts verbally. I often take to a blank sheet of paper and see what comes out. I have found it a very useful technique during my recovery because few people can truly empathise with my inner turmoil.

It’s difficult to describe but it’s like I can feel the chemical imbalance within me. My body gently reacts to different stimuli be that visual or auditory. I am fortunate enough to be gently weaned off strong medication, but it has affected my dopamine levels so I am able to feel randomly elated then somewhat sad within the space of a few minutes. These juxtaposing emotions are not hugely polarised- i.e. I am not enormously ecstatic or depressed, but the fluctuating emotion baffles me. Caffeine has a large impact on such feelings, where coffee- a natural stimuli- makes me feel hugely energised. Equally exercise, which naturally releases endorphins, makes me feel alive.

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  1. smilecalm says:

    yes & no!
    retrospection 🙂


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