mental health, power of Buddhist mentality

The hardest thing I found about the prospect of travelling, especially alone was just doing it.

The greatest thing I have learnt from travel apart from the obvious; the idyllic landscapes that enrapture the even deepest avenues of your soul, the contagious desire to be around likeminded beautiful individuals and of course the irreplaceable experiences, challenging or not, is… the Eastern way of thinking. To put more simply a ‘Buddhist mentality’ that extends to key concepts prevalent in Hinduism and Sikhism.

I am hesitant to use the term ‘Buddhist’ or even cite specific religions because the discourse of language inevitably ties this to what some may perceive to be rigid religious ideology. Really, it is the mind-set behind aspects of said religions which captivate me and have helped me in ways that I could not even imagine. 

The facets of ideology that I have come to admire seem to be an amalgamation of Buddhist ideals, interwoven with the power of positive thinking and engrained within meditative principles. I truly believe they contribute to not only a healthier mental state- where mental health is something that I have learnt cannot be pushed aside or ignored- but, a happier more fulfilled human more generally.

I have had pleasure of interacting with individuals I would not have back home in London, groups that may be brushed aside and classed as ‘hippies’, and more dangerously would have been ‘othered’ like so many marginalised groups throughout history. This is no doubt a result of Western dogmata where we are taught to sometimes stay away from those who oppose our innate way of thinking because of the threat it poses our way of life. A way of life I believe to be heavily fractured. Cracks merely pasted over, never resolved; problems buried along with feelings, never to be truly embraced.

I was exposed to entirely different perspectives on life, but also how to ‘deal’ with problems. To me, Western society suppresses notions of ‘spirituality’, or perhaps more accurately, they are confined to activities such as yoga (hugely prevalent in cultures in the East) and therefore consciously separated into another sphere. Separate spheres prevent the overlapping of differing ideologies, allowing the protection of Western thinking and therefore stop counteracting ideals infiltrating long standing thought or coexisting.

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